We both have been playing board games for a long time now and some years ago we discovered our fascination for cooperative games. We played and loved Pandemic Legacy and Gloomhaven. The idea of experiencing an adventure together really hooked us.

The beginning of a journey

When playing we always discussed mechanics and balancing of the games we played. So we figured: Why not make one on our own? In the times of kickstarter it is easier then any time before and together we were able to collect experiences about managing such a project in our professional carrers.

What is Day Zero?

We came up with the idea of a cooperative zombie board game set in a post-apocalyptic zombie universe: Day Zero. Day Zero consists of three big gameplay mechanics and phases

a) Completing missions

One big part of playing Day Zero will be the completion of missions. This could be scavanging for supplies, attacking an hostile enemy base or rescuing amember of your group from bandits. In difference to most other zombie board games out there, you will not only face different types on undead creatures – but also human opponents. And in some scenarios both – which will make battle even more exciting and will open different aproaches to the scenarios. Will you directly attack the base of the hostile faction? Our will your attract zombies to do the work for you? Or will you sneak into their base – without even beeing noticed?

b) Building up your base

Between missions you will return to your base, where you can use the found supplies to feed your survivors, build new buildings or create other objects. Your base will also be attacked from time to time.

c) Shaping the characters of your group

What we missed in many board games was the process of leveling your character. So in Day Zero you will have the opportunity to level your character and learn different abilities. Also in the scenarios you will obtain different items. A variety of skill trees offers many opportunities to obtain skills that match your play style.

In following updates we will of course dive deeper into the different aspects and include you on our journey to create a immersive experience.

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